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Homeowner Federal Grants Program-Free Homeowner's Grants Money

Homeowner Federal Grants Program-Free Homeowner's Grants Money

Sophisticated scam artists present their "service" for getting a homeowner's grant for free in any possible medium for you to see accompanied by an attractive call for action from you for more information. Others are more audacious and blatantly call you with an offer without warning.
"Because you pay your income taxes on time, you have been awarded a $12,500 homeowners grant! To get your grant, simply give us your checking account information, and we will direct-deposit the grant into your bank account!"
For those of you who thought this might be the answer to your prayers - sorry, it is not. Most grant programs do not get advertised to start off with and the organisations dealing with awarding grants in a complete honest and legitimate way are swamped with applications with more to turn down than they can approve. Why would they put in the effort to advertise to assist you with no assistance to offer? Doesn't make sense for them to advertise!
So let us see what are the facts regarding a homeowner's grant. Homeowners who qualify for this grant receive a cheque once a year. And it is not possible to pick the amount of the grant at random as you think would be comfortable for you. None of us would say no if it could work that way. Most of us would have had completely free homes! You think Bill Gates would be eligible for a homeowner grant?
A homeowner's grant is a county funded program that provides assistance to low and medium income homeowners in the form of a cheque. Cheques are issued to homeowners once a year. Only homeowners who are within the income and asset limits and who occupies the house as their sole residence need to apply by submitting a completed application with proof of income attached.
The combined incomes of all the members of the household are taking into consideration as well as the combined assets of the homeowner and his/her relatives (direct or married to) residing in the house. The combined income of the household are not to exceed $77 000 and the value of the household's assets are not to exceed $340 000. This value excludes the residence and one motor vehicle. Retirement provision accounts are considered as an asset for the homeowners grants program.
Eligible homeowners who's combined household income does not exceed $55 000 and combined assets are not more than $240 000 can expect to receive $600 and an additional $75 for each dependent.
$300 and an additional $75 for each dependent should the household income is not more than $55 000 and assets are between $240 000 and $340 000.
Where the income is more than $55 000 but less than $77 000 and assets are valued less than $340 000, the grant can be expected to be $300 plus an additional $75 per dependent.

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