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How to Find Affordable Housing For Single Parents With Low Income

How to Find Affordable Housing For Single Parents With Low Income

Living in low income housing can offset high housing expenses for single parents trying to make do with what they have. Low income houses are usually reserved for families in need, so each family will have to meet a income requirement. Monthly rent charges are usually based on the renters total income, so typically there is not a set fee. 
1 Before contacting a agent about low income housing gather information needed. The agent will ask for last years tax records, Government issued ID, social security card, and last paycheck stub if applicable. Parents will also need information regarding child support if they are receiving any. If mother and father have split custody each parent still may apply for affordable housing separately but different income guides may come into place. 
2 If having trouble with any steps and need help contact the local economic security or family services office. When searching for a house most applicant will have to go through the office, but when searching for apartments most of the paper work is done through the apartment manager. 
3 To find where affordable housing is in the local area go online to the website to fill out a application and find out more information. 
4 Select the location to find government funded low income housing listings in the local area. It is best to start with a single zip code then look in other nearby areas if the type of affordable housing was not found in the desirable area. 
Print out or write down housing that was found desirable. This will help refer back to any other housing if some are found to have to big of a waiting list. 
6 Call the land lord of the housing facilities you are interested in to inquire about the waiting list. Most times the contact information can be found on the website. 
7 The land lord will walk you through the qualification and paper work needs to participate in low income housing. Make sure to bring the information you found in step one with you.

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