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First Time Home Buying Grants For Disabled Veterans-Apply Housing Grants

First Time Home Buying Grants For Disabled Veterans-Apply Housing Grants

American government, state agencies, nonprofit organizations and recognized foundations have formulated multiple housing loan programs to offer special rental assistance to disabled veterans who have once served us. Finding a roof, paying the rent and mortgage and bill payments seem a complicated task, especially with physical impairments.
The home loan programs are offered by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to eligible candidates that facilitate financial assistance for the disabled Veterans and eligible Service Members to cover the rental needs and afford a safe and decent housing, tailored especially for their particular needs. Moreover, home repairs or modifications, adapting houses, specific dwelling necessities, purchasing equipment also becomes affordable with the funds offered. 
You can now easily invest in home purchasing, availing the VA loan programs that offer an independent shelter and self-sufficiency for you and your family.
Home Grant Programs That Disabled Veterans Can Apply
Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) Grant
SAH grants are directed towards Veterans having service related disabilities. The grants given enable the applicants to dwell permanently in a self-secure way in homes specially tailored for the disabled Veterans. Candidates may utilize the free home grants for disabled veterans in varied ways:
For attaining a land to construct a specially adapted house
Construct a personalized house on a purchased land if it is suitable for the purpose
Refurnish a home purchased earlier to make it especially adaptable for the disabled owner if possible
The eligibility criteria for the Veterans to apply for the grant are:
Loss of both legs or its usage, OR
Loss of both arms or its usage, OR
Loss of sight in both eyes with only light perception and inability to use or loss of one leg, OR
Inability to use or loss of one lower leg along with an injury or organic disease residuals, OR
Inability to use or loss of one leg along with loss or inability to use of one arm, OR‏
Severe burns, OR
Injuries obtained due to service on or after September 11, 2011 causing loss or inability to use organs and causing hindrance in balance such that mandates aid of braces, crutches, canes or a wheelchair for functioning.
Special Housing Adaptation (SHA) Grant
Another effective grant program, SHA, has been initiated to assist Veterans with service-related disabilities to purchase a home or specially adapt it for comfortable and permanent living. The home purchased can be owned by the eligible individual or family member as well. The grants offered can be utilized in myriad ways by the deserving applicants:
Specially adapting a home previously owned by a Veteran or any family member having a disabled veteran member
To specifically adapt a house that the Veteran or any family member will buy for the former to reside
Purchase a previously adapted house for the Veteran to dwell in it
The eligibility criteria for the Veterans to apply for the grant are:
Injuries due to severe burns OR
Severe injuries in respiratory organs OR
Loss of both hands or loss its usage OR
Bothe eye blindness having with 20/200 visual acuteness or less than that
In 2014 SAH provided a maximum of $70,465 dollar amount and for 2015 SHA will give away maximum of $14,093 dollars. The amounts are usually fixed but they do vary according to variations in cost of construction. So, if you have served your country it’s time to avail the housing grants reserved for the disable Veterans. Apply today and reside independently in a comfy dwelling constructed just for your needs.

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