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Home Assistance Programs For Senior Citizens-Free Home Grants

Home Assistance Programs For Senior Citizens-Free Home Grants

Senior citizens may find it tough to find reasonable shelter for themselves with insufficient savings. Evaluating the options, searching the web, obtaining myriad information and rushing from office to office gathering facts can be very confusing and daunting.
To ease out the complications, the federal government has initiated assistance programs and grants that help senior citizens to acquire affordable homes at subsidized rates. Some grants are exclusively for the seniors while there are grants that might be targeted for all. Know about the grants that you can attain and start applying today for your perfect shelter.
The Federal Housing Programs
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
US residing senior citizens can avail HUD housing assistance programs that enable them to reside in well maintained, secured and reasonably priced houses. The Section 202 senior housing voucher program gives rent subsidies for affordable and independent living in better ambiances with all facilities like security, transportation and safety. The government does not compensate the whole amount, rather it’s a co-pay system where the applicants contribute 30% of their total household income and the rest is funded by the government.
The application for the program is done by the local state and county and the funding is allocated to nonprofits, local charities and accredited organizations who distribute the funds to the eligible applicants. The eligibility criteria for the program are:
Applicants need to be 62 years or above
They must have the stated income requirements
Need to submit all the required documents like age proof, identity proof, financial status, income proof
Medicaid Waivers: most states offer support to seniors, enabling them to stay at home rather than at nursing homes. The Medicaid Home and Community Based Services waivers provide cash assistance for rent payment, home remodeling or repairing benefits that help seniors to afford and stay at home independently. Talk to your Medicaid officer to avail the offer.
U.S. Department of Agriculture--Affordable Rural Housing
The USDA provides grant programs for senior citizens for affordable housing. The Section 515 Multi-Family Housing (MFH) program offers subsidized rental rates for elders in rural sectors in all the 50 states. Some important factors to note:
Applicants must have the stated income level to be eligible
Houses can range from studio apartments, complexes, four bedrooms etc.
Need to demonstrate financial needs
Submit required documents
Non-Profit Organizations
Every state and most counties have nonprofits and charities that bestow senior citizens with varied housing program options for a safe and hygienic ambiance to live in. Habitat for Humanity, Fannie Mae, churches, community agencies and others offer help to avail subsidized housing or pay for the rents.
In addition, interested seniors looking for housing support can also opt for choices like Public Housing, Multifamily Subsidized Housing, Housing Vouchers and Congregate Housing Services Program (CHSP). Make thorough research and apply for multiple programs that get you the best rental option.

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