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Home Improvement Financial Assistance For Single Moms-Free Home Repair Grants

Home Improvement Financial Assistance For Single Moms-Free Home Repair Grants

Just purchasing a home for the family does not mean job accomplished; maintaining and up keeping it is equally important for a secure living. Single moms often face tight financial situations and have credit limits that restrict them from renovating, remodeling, weatherizing, upgrading or repairing the home for better living standards.
The federal government, state, counties, nonprofits, accredited organizations or companies provide with home improvement/repair grants to offer the required financial assistance to single moms that never has to be repaid. The home grants can be utilized for varied repair work like repairing roof, pipes, drainage system, stairs, modernizing a house, removing health hazards, repairing home from any damage caused by natural disaster, weatherization etc. Start applying now.
Government Home Improvement Financial Assistance
HUD: it offers many home repair grants to single moms residing in different states in US. The funds are allocated to local governments, non-profits and counties who disburse them among eligible candidates. Some important home repair programs are-Community Block Development Grants, Disaster Recovery Assistance, Section 108 Loan Guarantee Program, Neighborhood and Small Cities Stabilization Program, Insular Areas etc.
Home Improvement Financial Assistance For Single MomsUSDA: single mothers can avail home improvement grants like Housing Preservation Grants and Mutual Self-Help Housing Program from the USDA. The former grant funds for repairing of roofs, electrical wiring, waste disposal systems, heating systems and also bears the materials, labor and administrative costs. The later grant program requires grouping together of applicants for home construction work for minimum 40 hours a week.
Weatherization and energy up-gradation: the federal government offers grants for weatherization of houses, up-gradation for energy efficiency and saving on utility bills. These grant programs include-Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Grant, Weatherization Assistance Program, LIHEAP Crisis Program and Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) the US Department of Energy allocates funds to the states to help needy families with home repair work. Single mothers can avail the funds to improve their home's energy usage. The application process and eligibility criteria vary from state to state.
Home Improvement Assistance from Nonprofits
Non-profits and charities also offer home improvement assistance programs for home repairing and weatherization work. Some prominent nonprofits offering funds are-The National Fuel Funds Network, NeighborWorks, Salvation Family Emergency Services, Community Action Agencies. Even volunteer groups and churches offer funds to single mothers for remodeling of their homes. 
Home Improvement Assistance by Utility Companies
Single mothers can even ask for help from their utility companies for home repair, weatherization, up-gradation and bill payment. Utility companies have home energy audits, energy assistance programs, operation roundup, weatherization programs and varied payment plans. Utility companies have special grant programs sponsored by the government like up-gradation services, reduced home energy rates, cash aid in emergency situations. Single mothers can apply for these government grants too.
Single moms must contact the state or local housing department, community development institutions or local agencies to apply for the home repair financial assistance. Research about the grants and start applying for a safe and secure living.

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