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How to Apply Free Window Replacement Grants For Low Income Families

How to Apply Free Window Replacement Grants For Low Income Families

Windows are an effective means of increasing home energy efficiency and hence needs to be replaced if it does not serve the purpose. Well equipped windows can save at least 10-20 percent of heating costs and makes your home comfortable to dwell in. Infiltrating cold air through the window edges, conduction of air through panes and chilly windowpanes curtail the heat, hence window replacement is important. However, the existing heating system also needs to be updated for effective functioning to save more on energy costs.
Financially depressed families, single mothers, disabled people, senior citizens, families with dependent kids and all others who fall in the low income bracket can apply for window replacement. Single or multifamily buildings can apply for the following types of window replacement:
Inert gas-filled windows
Double- and triple-pane windows
Coated windows
Free Window Replacement For Low Income Families
Government Assistance Programs
Weatherization Assistance Program
WAP offers low income families with grants to help them renovate their windows and update home energy efficiency. Sponsored by US Department of Energy (DOE), grant amount worth $5 billion is allocated to state and local governments that are later awarded to eligible applicants for weatherization of their homes. Contact the state weatherization agency for funds to replace your windows.
Self Help Homeownership Opportunity Program
Sponsored by HUD, it offers grant amount worth $15,000 to low income families who demonstrate serious monetary crisis. Low income home owners who are engaged in building their own houses can avail the grant of replacing their windows.
Assisted Housing Stability and Energy and Green Retrofit Program
The program too bestows grant programs to help needy families to upgrade their home energy efficiency and improve their appliances to reduce energy costs. Sponsored by HUD, the grant helps in replacement of windows for proper heating and cooling facilities. Applicants must submit application to HUD to apply for the grant.
Energy Star Incentive Program
The Federal government provides tax credits to those homeowners who use replacement for doors, skylight or windows which are Energy Start-qualified. The DOE and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have initiated a cooperative program called Energy Star under which homeowners may avail up to $1,500 in tax credits. The initiative promotes more energy efficient homes by providing incentives in the form of tax savings for the homeowners who replace windows either through a contractor or DIY.
Utility Companies
Your local and state utility companies also offer assistance, discounts and subsidized rates for replacing of windows and for other utility needs. They offer grants and rebates for installing energy efficient windows in houses for reduction of energy costs. Contact your utility company for help.
Even non-profits, cities, counties and states furnish programs and loan options for replacing and installing of new windows. They also initiate programs for the up-gradation of your home energy system for a more comfy dwelling experience. Operation Roundup, Salvation Family Emergency Services, Community Action Agencies, state and county offices all offer assistance. Apply soon for free window replacement for your homes.

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