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Free Home Buying Grants For Disabled People-First Time Home Buyer Grants

Free Home Buying Grants For Disabled People-First Time Home Buyer Grants

Looking for housing, paying the mortgage, maintenance and bill payment can be a daunting task for low-income earners especially with disability problem. The U.S. government, state agencies, and nonprofit organizations offer financial assistance, guidance, counseling and other necessary support to the disables through varied grants and loan programs for the purchase of home, paying home debts, mortgages, acquiring equipment, home repairs and improvement and other such dwelling necessities. With these grants, a decent living even with limited economy seems to be affordable now.
Housing Grants for the Disabled
Department of Housing and Urban Development
There are many grant funded programs offered through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for helping individuals with disabilities. They provide help in house purchase, renting a home and also assistance in obtaining housing vouchers. The federal housing program provides financial help to moderate or low-income families in renting or purchase of a house. The main goal of this program is to make renting and purchase affordable for people with limited economy. The section 8 in the program proposes subsidies for both homeowners and tenants. The Homeownership Voucher program helps the low-income disabled by providing vouchers for reducing the monthly mortgage payment or house rent.
The program can be availed by contacting the local public housing authority (PHA) and in case the PHA's don't offer ownership as an option, housing counselors can be contacted in the respective state. They are appointed by HUD and are certified to assist individuals with housing needs.
Habitat for Humanity
Free Home Buying Grants For Disabled People

Habitat for Humanity is an option for disabled or low-income individuals in getting aid with down payments or mortgage payments. They can also provide other assistance such as zero-step entries, wide doorways, and other needs. This is a global Christian non-profit organization that specializes in building accessible homes, through the mortgages being given through local, private, state and federal sources, volunteer work, and donations. If selected by the Habitat for Humanity’s family selection committee, then the organization will build the home.
The Habitat for Humanity has already built more than 250,000 houses all over the world, helping more than 1 million people spread across 3,000 communities to achieve a decent and affordable shelter. If you are also in need of a residence, apply for it today as after the initial application an average of 18 months is required for the Habitat for Humanity owners for attaining occupancy.
Home Ownership Voucher Program
Low level or moderate income disable families can now buy their shelter through the Home Ownership Voucher Program which is linked with the Department of Housing and Urban Development. Though not free of charge, this program enables in fulfilling monthly mortgage payments for the first-time home buyers. The eligibility criteria for the program are:
Applicants need to owe a home for the first time
No family member should have had home ownership interest in the previous three years excepting displaced homemakers or single parents
At least one member of the family must be disabled
The annual income of the adult family members’ owning the home should not be less than a single residing individual’s monthly Federal Supplemental Security Income benefit multiplied by 12
The family also needs to fulfill the housing counseling program and pre assistance homeownership of PHA
Fannie Mae Home Choice Program
Fannie Mae Community Home Choice program offers financial products and services to all states for the lower and middle-income families. It helps low-income or disabled individuals to buy a home by offering aids like smaller down payments, lenient credit evaluations and also provide them with mortgage-qualification aid which has lower debt-to-income requirement.
The U.S. government has more to offer. The Fair Housing Act, Supplemental Security Income, Fair Housing Act, Americans with Disabilities Act and several other organizations also offer housing disability grants for a well secured, reasonable and humble dwelling.

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